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Wednesday, April 13 2011

Attracting Applicants.

Phoenix Property Management-Attracting applicants.
What you say about your rental unit is important.  It may even be more
important than how you say it or whom you say it.  Prospective tenants want to know location, price, square footage and features.  Floor plans are useful to show square footage and layout.  Photo's may reveal the unit's true beauty.  Proximately to shopping, schools, transpiration, and other public services.  Any move in specials etc. should also be prominently notated. 

Where you advertise is also critically important.

Free options:
Sign on property.
Current tenants.
Word of Mouth.

Paid Methods:
Online Rental Home sites.
Classified online sites.
Newspaper ads.
Professional Property Management Company.

We of course advocate to hire us at Opulent Real Estate Group LLC.
We have not only perfected our marketing/advertising model for over 10 years however also
can list our property within the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  This in recent times is an absolute must in leasing your property in the least amount of time possible.  Not all Phoenix Property Management companies are created equally. We will prove great results through performance.  Call us at 480.588.8356 Press Option #1.

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Phoenix Property Management - tenant won't pay.

The "Do it Yourselfer" Way.
Give the tenant notices and evict him when he fails to pay rent.

Phoenix Property Management and evicting a tenant. Depending on how much your time is worth you may choose to complete this process yourself.  How long will this take?  You can't give him a notice to vacate until his rent is overdue.  Most rental agreements provide that rent is not "delinquent" until after the fifth of the month.  Most landlords won't do anything until rent is late.  In truth, even if your rental agreement provides rent is delinquent after the fifth of the month, rent is overdue on the second day of the month, and your may begin the eviction process that day.  However most landlords won't start the process until after the fifth of the month.  Early on the sixth day give him a 5 day notice to pay or quit.  Five days later, not counting the day you served then file the forcible detainer action.  The justice court gives you a court date not less than 3 days nor more than 6 away which will inevitably include a weekend which are not counted.  You go to the court the day of and receive a judgment for possession and past due rent.  The Writ of Restitution, which grants you the right of posession of the premises, however will not be issued until another five days has lapsed.  Once this takes place you immediate pay the fee necessary to the sheriff or constable to go out and "forcibly" evict him.

Another Solution. 

Hire us at Opulent Real Estate Group to manage this process for you.
We will work with our Eviction Attorney on a reduced cost basis to you to remove the problem tenant as quickly as possible (usually 30 days or under).  We will then immediate schedule vendors, oversee repairs/clean up, advertise for lease, and re-lease the home as quickly as humanly possible.  We strive to be your "go to" for Phoenix Property Management!  Feel free to call us at 480.588.8356 Press option #1.


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